Healthy Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

This healthy, virgin strawberry daiquiri recipe is sure to be a hit this summer! Sip this on a hot day by the pool and relax. I am personally not a fan of alcohol so anytime I ever ordered a strawberry daiquiri, I requested a virgin strawberry daiquiri. The bad thing Continue Reading

Easy DIY All-purpose Natural Cleaner

This easy, DIY all-purpose natural cleaner will replace most of your cleaners! I used to have lots of different cleaners under my kitchen sink. Not only did I have a lot but they were very toxic. I finally realized how toxic they were one day after using Draino for our Continue Reading

Natural Remedies for Sick Kids

Below you will find some natural remedies to help sick kids that we use with our family. Why should I use natural remedies to help my sick kids? Each person has their own convictions and opinions on what helps and doesn’t help when it comes to their kid(s). I am Continue Reading

DIY Pig Shelter

This DIY a-frame pig shelter is simple and can be easily altered to fit your needs. How do you build a pig shelter fast? When we decided to get pigs, we had about two months to get our electric fence and their shelter set up. I learned soon after that Continue Reading